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Welcome to Beeno

Beeno knows how important it is to make your dog as happy as he makes you! That’s why we developed a delicious fun range of dog treats for your furry best friend!

The Beeno product range has something for every dog from big to small, those with a sweet tooth to soft and easy chews.

Beeno products contain vitamins and minerals, immune boosters and anti-oxidants to maintain a healthy skin and coat and to help control tartar!

So keep their tail’s wagging with a delicious Beeno treat!


About Beeno

The Beeno brand has been providing top quality, healthy delicious biscuits for our furry loved ones since 1987. Beeno introduced their tasty and meaty soft treats range in 2007.

Beeno loves being the fun and playful treat for your dog just as much as you love treating him or her! But did you know that Beeno products actually contain vitamins and minerals, immune boosters, anti-oxidants and many more to maintain a healthy skin and coat and to help control tartar?



There is nothing like the feeling of bringing your new puppy home. It’s a fun and exciting time. At Beeno, we want to ensure that you are well prepared to nurture and protect your tiny puppy at all times.


Puppy Proof

This is the step best taken before your puppy comes home. It is essential to puppy-proof your house, much like how you would for a newborn baby. Important areas to consider are areas that may have loose wires or small loose objects, you don’t want puppy to swallow objects or get shocked!


Tip: Invest in a baby gate. Baby gates are extremely useful in preventing a puppy from going into areas you don’t want him to be in, like a room with valuable objects.



We want your new pup to settle into his home as quickly and seamlessly as possible. This means being prepared with a few puppy product essentials, including food that they’re already used to. You’ll also want to to make sure that you have a suitable bed, bowls, a collar, lead. It might be a good idea to have disposable doggy bags too.


Name Game

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to train your puppy to respond to its name. Start by saying your puppy’s name in a clear and friendly way after showing him a treat. Once you have your puppy’s attention, make sure your pronunciation is consistent and as soon as you say his name, give him a small treat. Our crunchy treats for puppies work best. Repeat this for a couple of minutes, making sure the puppy doesn’t lose interest. If you practice this over a week as many times as you can, you will be well on your way to having Fido respond when you call him next.


Bad behaviour

It’s natural that your puppy will bite. What is important is making sure the light nipping is addressed before it escalates. The easiest way to address this behaviour is by simply ignoring it. When your puppy sees that you do not give attention to this kind of behaviour, he will most likely stop. Punishing your puppy for biting will only result in worse behaviour, harsh punishment is best avoided.


Bath time

Bath time has the potential to be a messy affair! Avoid spills and tantrums by following these easy steps.

  • Do not soak your dog, rather use a shower head to wet your pup.
  • Once puppy is wet, lather up the shampoo and give him a treat
  • Now that he is calm, you can use a brush to get rid of excess hair
  • Use water to gently remove the soap while giving treats throughout
  • If your puppy scrambles, an authoritative ‘no’ and a short pause will do the trick.

Now you have all the information you need to make sure your puppy is well-adjusted and happy in his new loving home. Do you have tips on how to easily transition a new puppy? Let us know.







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Your feedback is important to us and it ensures that our balanced treats stay filled with the delicious ingredients your furry friends have come to expect from Beeno. For this reason, we value any comments, questions or suggestions you may have for our expert customer care team. Call, email or post us a letter, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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